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Working Title: Innocence Virgin On Stupidity: From YKTTW

Sniffnoy: what the hell does this title mean?

Dark Sasami: It's a terrible pun in which "virgin" == "verging". The YKTTW admits freely that the title is awful, but apparently no one came up with anything better. This is one time that I agree with the whining that I'm sure the Society Against Anything Clever Whatsoever is about to start in on.

Fanti Sci: That's what I get for launching without checking the reply posts...I'm pretty sure someone put in a sensible one...*checks* Yup, Virgins Know Nothing. Can someone tell me briefly how to rename and I'll do so?

Sci Vo: Manually create a page such as Virgins Are Unknowing (which is a play on "knowing in the Biblical sense") by clicking on its red link, edit it, edit this one, copy everything over, save the new one, and turn this into a redirect for it.

Fanti Sci: Thanks Sci Vo! Just to double check — does everyone agree that the title needs to be changed? One more question: this title's been put in the Just for Pun page. Does the redirect stay there or should it be deleted if/when the trope is renamed?

Johnny E: :O Hell no! I just came on here to comment how Made of Win this title is. What's wrong with it? It's pretty clear what it means, and it's a damn good bad pun. If that makes sense.

I'm not clear on how the Yo soy Betty la Fea example is connected to Finding Judas. —Document N

L-chan: Because I couldn't find a trope nearest to the situation that scene takes place. The Romantic Interest of Betty only slept with her because she was managing some dirty business for him, and he feared that she will spill the beans or betray him; so the easiest way he found to ensure her loyalty was conquering her. What he didn't know is that she was already in love with him since the first chapter, and her loyalty was ensured from the very beggining.

In short, he did the same thing that her ex-boyfriend did to her, but in a worse scale. Following this trope, he falls in love with her honestly and got a guilt feeling about, but, unfortunately for him, Betty found out that plan before he can confess his love...