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From YKTTW Working Title: Negaportation

While it may fall under this trope, I think that there needs to be a trope that describes that strange capacity that villains have to move around quite freely and easily, sometimes in what seems to be outright defiance of the laws of physics, even when teleportation is not part of their power set. A classic example is the villain's capacity to navigate his evil lair. Whereas the heroes will spend entire story arcs simply trying to find their way or move through the place, the villains who occupy the same building or structure seem to have the fantastic capability to pop up wherever they need to whenever they need to. While this can sometimes be explained in the case of particularly labyrinthine structures by the notion that the villains are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of whatever maze the heroes are wandering through, villains still don't seem to be affected by such basic issues as travel time difficulty locating the heroes. This sounds something like villain teleportation although it appears to also be a trope all its own. If anyone already knows a trope that covers this, please tell me.