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Would the tendency of documentary series to go over the entire episode so far after every ad break (made obvious when played on chanels that dont play every single ad break) count?

Robrecht: I've removed the following entry:

  • At the end of M. Night Shyamalan's film "The Sixth Sense," a montage of flashbacks highlights for the viewer the important parts of scenes they may have forgotten.

My reason for this is that it's not an example of this trope. The trope refers flashbacks or repeating of information just because it's been a while since it happened. In the Sixth Sense, the flashback montage happens because we've just learned that Bruce Willis' character is a ghost and the flashback shows us these scenes from a new perspective, letting us know why these scenes were they way they were.

Haven: Took out this bit, because the point of the first flashback happening multiple times isn't that "people might not remember it" but that "we didn't hear it and don't know what it was"—making it Unspoken Plan Guarantee rather than this trope. And the second one I only remember seeing that once, not repeatedly.

  • If you ever watch the last three episodes of season three of Doctor Who, you will suddenly notice the frequent use of flashbacks in the final episode. While it makes sense to show The Doctor telling Martha how to kill The Master, considering that people might not remember it, but showing it multiple times, with flashbacks to what happened earlier in the episode, what happened the previous episode, what happened in the episode before that, what happened at the start of the series, and repeatedly showing The Master looking into the vortex, means that you kinda get sick of the Flashbackovision. Luckily, the Crowning Moment of Awesome and Crowning Moment of Heartwarming that come directly after compensate it quite nicely.