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From YKTTW Working Title: Utter Naming

Sgamer82: Launch Notes — I couldn't find the "No Fibbin!" musical so I wasn't quite sure where it went. But since it is a Musical, I felt "Theater" is as accurate a place as any for the time being. Also, I'm not sure if the Doctor Who entry is written the way as it is as a reference to the series or speaking to someone in particular, since nobody named Chan posted on the trope's YKTTW. Unsure what to do, I left it as-is.

puritybrown: I was going to edit the Doctor Who example to make it more clear to people who hadn't seen the episode, but as I was doing so it occurred to me that Chantho is not really an example of this. She isn't called Chantho because she begins every sentence with "Chan" and ends every sentence with "tho". It is apparently a cultural thing for her people to begin sentences with the first part of their name and end them with the last part (when speaking politely). It's a Verbal Tic all right, and it involves her name, but it's not actually a Verbal Tic Name.