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Mister Six: Changed "DVD's" to "DVDs".

Solandra: We should have a whole entry on double-dipping in the film industry. It's not just DV Ds, it's anniversary rereleases of classic films in theaters.

Earnest: Sorry about the apostrophes, I didn't read the whole sentence for context. Anyhoo, the double dipping is a generalized thing almost, especially with things like trilogies. I remember a few months after last LotR movie came out that most DVD stores had scores of versions of the movies: widescreen, fullscreen, with extras, collectors, combined collectors, combined with widescreen... *breathes*... anyhoo, it's a general marketing thing. Oh, and restored classic editions.

Rich: I believe this practice is referred to as making consumers take "multiple bites at the apple".

Bedinsis: I thought Vanilla Edition referred to a game which has had expansion packs released, then the original without expansions was referred to as Vanilla Edition. Am I wrong? I've seen it a bunch on civfanatics forum.

Hitchopottimus: Tweaked the language conerning some consumers not wanting extras, because, I've been that consumer before. I've seen the vanilla edition and the full edition side-by-side and decided to save five bucks and buy the vanilla edition.