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rename Schala Lives? launched as Schala Lives: From YKTTW

Game Guru GG: If Schala Lives is renamed to anything else, it should be to Fight Sheng Long to reference the Street Fighter II rumor.

Tanto: Can anyone find a link to the classic Final Fantasy VI FWAK? I've got it on a Notepad document, but I can't find it online anywhere. It fits perfectly on this page, methinks.

Ten Kan: I vaguely remember a possible example from Elite: that the manual mentioned Dredgers (spaceborne cities that scavenged wrecks left behind by wars) and Generation Ships (pre-hyperdrive vessels slowly making their way between the stars) and for years there was debate as to whether they really existed in the game or were just in the manual to flesh out the setting. I thought that it was proved that they weren't in there, but now I can't find any hard evidence. Even the authors aren't telling.

32_Footsteps: Tanto, mind explaining why you removed the Street Fighter II example? It's rather well-confirmed and documented - it appeared in the April Fools' issue of EGM (either in 1990 or 1991 - I'd have to search for the real date), and all the details I mentioned in my edit were confirmed. I don't get why you deleted it.

Tanto: Because it was already in there. Fifth example.

32_Footsteps: Aprrently, it would help if, when I use the "search" function on my browser, to actually spell things correctly.
  • Of course, if you want to get really technical, Link does obtain the Triforce in the game: The Triforce of Courage chooses him and is in his hand after Ganondorf enters the Golden Land.

Tanto: We don't; hence the disclaimer. ("...obtainable item..."). The rumor was that the Triforce could be acquired and used by the player in-game; it can't. Plotline technicalities don't count.

Twin Bird:

  • The creators of Neopets have somewhat double-crossed this trope, similar to the example above. There is a myth of a place called Jelly World, where everything, even the people, is made of jelly. But it's not a myth—Jelly World is a real place, Yet not on any offical map. Denizens of the site, however, like to aggravate others by insisting it doesn't exist, even when most of them know it does, following in the footsteps of the creators of the site, who originally denied its existence. Of course, there isn't really a Jelly World. there or isn't there? Either way, don't troll us.

Duckay: I believe the person who added that was making a joke. Yes, Jelly World really exists, even though the Neopets staff spent a long time winking and denying it's existence. Now it's a Running Gag that you deny the existence of Jelly World.

Neo Chaos: Removed the following bit:

  • This trouper posted a screenshot of a fully unlocked character select screen after the game was released in japan on Theotherwiki The other users voted on it and declared it fake because Wolf was in it and Bomberman wasn't.

A quick check on the archive of SSBB discussion at Wikipedia notes that no such poll existed, nor did anyone there ever mention Bomberman as a potential Brawl character. I'm thinking that Lego3400 (the user who added this) is just Wikipedia-bashing, and with a made-up story no less.

Heroic Jay: Don't add to this page by creating your own Urban Legends of Zelda. Literally in this case:

  • In an upset close to that of the "catching Mew" bug mentioned below, it's been revealed that you actually can beat the Marathon Man, as detailed here. It basically involves challenging him as Adult Link, going back in time and then waiting at the finish line as Young Link for seven in-game years (about a week of real-time). Your reward? Personal satisfaction.

Nice try, but the game's text was dumped years ago. He never says any of the things that appear in that video.

Lady Norbert: I like this page a lot, but it's turned into one gigantic wall of text. Would it be possible to break it down? Maybe have individual folders for specific franchises, or gaming systems. Also possibly give Electronic Gaming Monthly its own folder (or at least make an April Fool's Day folder), since there are so many of those.

OODavo: TV Tropes needs a secret bonus level. :(

For some reason, I get this as a mental image: ... Wonder why :P -Darkdata