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Ialdabaoth: For the record, Gilgamesh was king of Uruk (modern-day Warka, Iraq), not Ur, a different city altogether (modern-day Tell el-Mukayyar, Iraq). I hesitate to edit the entry, though, because "he fits any definition" is too clever a line to lose.

Kerrah: Oooooooops. I think I'll edit it, since I'm responsible.

To divert attention away from myself, shouldn't this trope's name always be spelled with a capital letter since it refers to a city?

Kvschwartz: While there is an ancient Sumerian city named Ur, I can't find evidence of any link between the city and the Indo-European prefix eor- / ur- / uro-. See, for example: — which would probably mention the city if a link were suspected. Similarly, wikipedia's entry on the city of Ur doesn't (so far as I can see) mention a connection to this use of the prefix "ur-."

Ye Olde Luke: I was typing my edit rationale, and accidentally hit enter, so here's my completed thought: Ah, you're right. I rechecked my source ( and saw that the specification was only for animated films. I've fixed my post, thanks for alerting me to the mistake.