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Andrew Leprich: Resident Evil and games like MGS:TTS, Pokemon:FR&LG, and Conker:L&R technically fit under here, but they'd fit better in a page for the full-fledged remake, which we need. I don't want to call it Remake, because eventually TV/movies will need to use that too. Video Game Remake? Addendum: Done.

TJDevil02: Do sports games that come out every year fall into this category? In their case, it is a Justified Trope since a fundamental part of the game (rosters) is so dynamic.

Andrew Leprich: I don't see why not.

Shale: Cut the page quote because (a) it's also used for Video Game Remake, and (b) he's talking about remakes, not re-releases.

MRL: Cut this line from the Kingdom Hearts entry, as it seemed unnecessary and irrelevant: "IGN and every gaming news outlet are liars."
Heroic Jay: Removed the following:

This isn't entirely true anyway; the only Pokémon you can trade online are those you've already encountered, and the Pokémon seen in multiplayer and the Battle Tower don't count... so the only way the other-game Pokémon are available for trade online is if you have a physical copy nearby with it, and have it traded over, as per usual. The Dev Team Thinks of Everything.

Bull honkey. You can trade any Pokemon online, whether you've seen it or not. The GTS has a trade restriction, but NOT ordinary online trading with a known individual.