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Kendra Kirai: Uh, correct me if I'm wrong, exactly does Captain Tylor fit into this? if anything, he wants the harem..or at least one member of it...and there's only like, six females in the entire cast anyhow, and none of them are really pursuing Justy. (Well, except maybe Azalynn...)

Seth Did you not see the episode where he was trying to watch the porn video and Azalynn was in his room. Then one after another every female member of his crew offered herself to him? The twins (At the same time, sweet) the flight crew, the doctor and of course the reason Azalynn was hiding in his room the first place.

Ununnilium: ...the Odyssey example is stretching it, I feel.

Paul A: I agree. I take it out now.

  • While Odysseus fights his way home in The Odyssey, his wife, Penelope, has her own problems: the suitors. All are gathered in the hall of Odysseus, drinking his wine, and waiting for recalcitrant Penelope to choose one to be the new King of Ithaca. One of the oldest ones in the book.

Seth: Question, there has to be such a thing as a wanted harem. Why don't we have a page for it?

Dark Sasami: I've never seen one. Have you?

Binaroid: Arguably, some Hentai series would count. Still, I think one of the rules of romance in Anime is "The more you try, the less you get", so trying to get a harem would be counterproductive. (Just ask Ataru from Urusei Yatsura.)
Ruby gets much more screentime in the manga than the anime.
Citizen: I was referring to the manga, actually (haven't seen the anime), the point being she isn't around enough to really be considered part of the main harem.
Zeke: I see someone took Rider out of the FSN harem. I've restored her — her interest in Shirou is clear in the sequel, and doujins always include her in the harem. I've also removed this:
A slight subversion is that Ilya doesn't have a route despite her suggestive scenes with Shirou, likely due to her being his older step-sister.
That's not a subversion. You don't need a route to be in the harem (ask Sacchin), nor do suggestive scenes always imply a route.
Lale: When I saw the title Reverse Harem, I thought it was going to be for a harem of guys for a female character.

Zeke: That is what a reverse harem is. The link just directs here, presumably because it's a kind of Unwanted Harem.
Zeke: Removing another remark about Ilya:
First, spoilers. (That tag wasn't there originally.) Second, of course Shirou would never see Ilya as a romantic prospect. That doesn't matter. It's an unwanted harem! Anyone who's interested in the guy counts as a member, and Ilya won't leave him alone.
Black Humor: Since there are going to be 75 red links if we delete The Unwanted Harem, clearly it's not unnecessary.

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