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Drop Dead Gorgias: I think this should be split into two tropes. Most of these involve use of specific new expletives to replace old ones. The Seinfeld example is quite different. I think that the Seinfeld example fits as an Unusual Euphemism, but the other ones should be moved to something like replacement slang or something. The Frack maybe? I also was looking for a place to put slang that is not meant to be censored words, like "shway" in Batman Beyond and "aks" in Futurama.

Red Shoe: As a small note, I think "aks" is in a different category from "shway". The former is a joke on contemporary misusage becoming the standard.

Andyzero: Possibly a subversion? of the trope, or maybe not, but I wanted to mention it. Star Trek actually implies that mankind just doesn't swear in the future. The 4th movie where they time travel to the 20th century has numerous comments on that.

Spock: Your use of language has altered since our arrival. It is currently laced with, shall we say, more colorful metaphors, "double dumb-ass on you" and so forth. I Kirk: Oh, you mean the profanity? Spock: Yes. Kirk: Well that's simply the way they talk here. Nobody pays any attention to you unless you swear every other word.

In the Star Trek: TNG book Vendetta by Peter David. The crew of a different ship watches the Doomday Machine Mark Two eat a planet, and an ensign drops the S-word, then apologizes to the Captain for breaking a taboo. "It's okay, Ensign. I don't think anything less could describe that."

Scrounge: If we're gonna split off all the fake sci-fi swears, may I propose we name the page Eat Slag?

Ununnilium: I say we should split them off. There's certainly enough.

Document N: It seems like technically a case of Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp", except much more justified. I propose calling it Future Swears, even if it's not technically accurate.
Looney Toons: In reference to the Father Ted entry, "feck" is a not uncommon Gaelic rendering of "fuck". It is far from a made-up word. Therefore, I've removed it (and put it here for future use).

  • Several of the characters in Father Ted use the word "feck" quite liberally.

Thomas the Rhymer: for the sake of pedantry, feck is actually Hiberno-English rather than gaelic, and not related to /fuck/. It means steal, but is of course used to replace fuck due to -err- phonological similitude.

Has anybody (South Park, perhaps) replaced common words with fuck, cunt, &c?

Gus: Interestingly enough, no, not to my knowledge. "Shit" is used as a euphemism for dope (as in "gear", illicit drugs) frequently, but that is the only case that comes to mind.

Xkcd maybe, sort of? —Document N

Johnny E: Have created Unusual Dysphemism for this.

* Babylon 5 used the word "frag" in the same context as a tribute to BSG.

HeartBurn Kid: I'm not really so sure this is meant as a tribute to BSG; after all, "frag" has been used as a substitute for the other four-lettered f-word in many other contexts, long before B5; the RPG Shadowrun and DC Comics' Lobo come to mind most prominently. Given that JMS is a major comic-head, I'd sooner believe it as a Lobo tribute (since it's the exact same word, in the exact same context) than a Galactica tribute.
Looney Toons: After moving this and changing the markup and changing the markup again because I messed it up, I decided to follow this link —

and then discovered that no such page exists on Wikipedia, so I removed it. I'm putting it here just in case the page ever shows up again, since it does appear to have existed at one time but is now deleted. I

Ununnilium: Hey, why'd the Spongebob bit with the horns get yanked?

Andyroid: 'Cause it falls under Sound-Effect Bleep.

Ununnilium: Ah, well there you go. ``v

Ununnilium: Decensored the Big Lebowski example, since the same exact words are used uncensored elsewhere in the entry.

Darekun: The references to Shadowrun's "frag" are technically incorrect; while it has the same metaphorical uses as the F-word, it doesn't have a meaning of "have sex with", and does have a meaning of "kill". However, I'm not sure anyone cares.

Document N: If we don't care, Nohamotyo triumphs.

Can we add "Hand me the keys you fairy godmother" from The Usual Suspects ?

Document N: Looks like someone did.

Would the word "younglings", as used in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith qualify for this trope? I mean it is obviously an eufemism to soften the fact that Anakin murders tens (hundreds?) of children...

Phartman: It qualifies as an Unusual Euphemism, sure. But it doesn't soften the impact at all, as Obi Wan refers to the fact that "Not even the younglings survived" and later mentions that Anakin flat-out killed them.

Document N: I'm voting not a euphemism.

Johnny E: I agree, not a euphemism. Struck me as plain ol' Future Slang when I saw it.
Qit el-Remel: "Fek" is Esperanto for "shit." And how do people get around to mentioning Discworld without mentioning that Carrot swears in asterisks (as in, he'll literally say "Oh, ***!" and the narrative will confirm it as such)?

Oh Fnord it all...
Amadeus Windfall: "to a reader from the UK, the word "bags" is synonymous with the word "bollocks."" Is it? I've never come across anything like that.

Johnny E: What?? Hell no.
On the xkcd forums, 'Chuck Norris' is replaced by 'Saladin's Mom'. Also, for the April 1st XKCD/DC/QC switcheroo, they filtered XKCD to Questionable Content, which broke all the links!

Document N: Maybe YKTTW it as Unusual Word Filter?
Prfnoff: Moved the Tintin example to Curse of the Ancients.
Off Side 7: No one wants to mention the scene in Family Guy where they're watching the Smurfs? "She starting smurfing me." "Right in the smurfing parking lot?"

Document N: People don't like it when you do that.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here, since the last entry undermines the entire thread.
  • In the recent film version of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, Aslan snarls "Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, witch!" You all know what he meant to say.
    • Somehow this editor doubts the Jesus Lion would go around calling people that, as it just wouldn't be WJWD.
    • Do you know what He did to Dagon? He choked the bitch!
    • Considering that he was speaking to the White Witch...

sessile: I was under the impression this trope refers to something at least vaguely unmentionable; this bit seems to talking exclusively about sports lingo. (Where is the lingo page, anyway?)

  • Many in different sports. In American football,a receiver who clearly goes after the ball halfheartedly, with barely outstretched arms, due to a desire to not be tackled is said to have "alligator arms". In Basketball, oh boy. "Smother chicken" is a particularly dominant block, a "trillion" is when you log at least a minute of play without posting any other statistics, a "Mario" is when you play for a minute or less, a "black hole" is a glory hogging player who adamantly refuses to pass the ball (like light in a black hole, once the ball gets to them, it isn't coming out), a "Voshkul" is when you get more fouls or turnovers than points/attempts, a "triple bumple" is a triple double where one of the "doubles" is turnovers, a "flop" is intentionally overreacting to any contact from an opposing player in order to force a foul on them, "Posterizing" is when one player performs a dunk over another so impressively that a poster is made of it... the list goes on.
    • To be clear, "Mario" and "Voshkul" are both named after current players in the NBA who happen to lead in these categories.

Johnny E: What do people think of splitting off the "Clean Dub" examples (e.g. "melonfarmer" etc) into a separate page?

Atz: Removed:

  • In a case similar to "apewire", a character in the Ranma 1/2 fanfic A Mother's Love, by Mark "Togashi Gaijin" Shurtleff, dismisses a falsehood she had formerly believed as "a load of crock".

Crock is a real slang term, derived from shortening the phrase "a crock of shit" (ie. a chamber pot).