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Morgan Wick: And now that the trope has already been launched, I've discovered Possession Implies Mastery. It's not really the same thing and doesn't include the example brought up in YKTTW, but it's clearly related.

Daviot: Well, allow me to add some credibility with another video game example. ~_^

BT The P: In San Andreas, you don;t actually need the pilot's license to fly planes, just to enter airports via the gate. If you jump the fence at Los Santos, get in a Dodo (the Cessna-esque light plane, the only one that'll spawn without a license) and fly around until your aircraft skill increments a couple times, you'll get the license early, and be able to enter airports. On the other hand, the good planes don't start spawning until you beat the official training school missions. It's a half-bug.

Foxyshadis: Do animals count? It seems anyone can ride a horse, a chocobo, or even a dragon, whether or not it makes any sense that they've had training. As well as mecha; if the plot calls for it, someone who needed years of specialized training can hop in an enemy's mech and pilot it expertly, no matter how different they are.

RE: Grand Theft Auto. You don't need to mess with scripts to fly before getting your license. At least in the PS2 version, you can pull a van (One where you can jump on the hood, then onto the roof) up to the wall at the Los Santos International Airport (Preferably right near the actual entrance, for obvious reasons) hop on the hood, then the roof, and over the wall. Voila.

RE to above: I guess that would make this an example of Sequence Breaking, rather than Script Breaking. As I understand it, Script Breaking is attempting to do things out of order with weird results as the game isn't programmed to anticipate that. Sequence Breaking is successfully doing things out of order.

The reverse trope is used even more, when pilot get killed no one of passengers can at least keep plane or helicopter flying straight what should not be a problems even for a kid. If there is enough fuel left it may be possible even to learn some minimal skills or read manual to learn enough to land horizontally, but usually death of pilots means immediate crash when plane will either fall as brick or crash into nearest hill.

Shwoo: I took this Animorphs example out:
In another, the plot involves trying to demonstrating that there is an alien invasion going on by stealing a crashed (but still working) Bug Fighter (yeerk fighter ships) and flying it to the White House. Once Airborne, they are attacked and realize that, since the controls were built with the Taxxon Controllors (who have lobster like claws for arms) in mind, they stink. Ship crashes. Of course It Was All Just A Dream.
It's not really an example of this trope because Ax is the one who flew it and he had a good reason to know how, they wouldn't have had a chance against Visser Three's Blade Ship even if they were experienced pilots, Visser Three crashed too, and it wasn't All Just a Dream. The Reset Button was used at the end, but it wasn't a dream.