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Citizen: I disagree with the Rin example. She never seems "uncanny" to me, unlike the first example.

alphamone: what i want to know if there ARE any examples of an uncanny Vally Girl as opposed to this page's examples of Uncanny Valley girls? Heck, would something like that even be possible?

Kestral: Umm, a X-affiliated teenager who happens to be a Valley Girl in Uncanny X-Men runs? (I'd say Jubilee counts at times) or Buffy? Those would be my guesses...

Malchus: Removed the following:

  • An example from later in the books is Kuyou Suou, of the Sky Canopy Domain, a race of aliens with thought processes so strange even the Integrated Data Entity can't talk to them. How has conversation with her gone? You______ pretty______ eyes... Apart from that she seems autistic. She gives Kyon the creeps.

The girl in question is not an example since she's definitely not popular or friendly, and both those traits are integral the trope description. Heck, from her description in the light novels, people might not even see her unless they were paying attention.

Sanehatter removed Lain from Serial Experiments Lain. Uncanny valley? Check. Not quite human? Check. Popular? Err... Villainous? While it's impossible to spell "villain" without Lain, she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Definitely not representative of this trope.