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Kendra Kirai: I know it's a good think that you removed my snark, but it still feels slightly empty without it. Damn Sci-Fi Channel and it's policy of canceling series that don't have incredible ratings to free up money and time slots for your parade of giant animal movies!

Gus: Sounds like you might have something to add over at Executive Meddling ...

Bluetooth The Pirate: I don't know if canceling a show is really meddling if they don't try to change it. I know a lot of the series entries which cite Executive Meddling list it as the cancellation of the show, but I'm not sure if it's right to call it that. Is stabbing a person in the heart the same as unnecessary surgery?

Also: even though I named this page, I think I made a mistake. Cancellation has two l's, "canceled" only has one (as does "canceling"). I'm not sure why that is.

Gus: Well, there seems to be a policy involved -- moving from series development to one-off feature development -- maybe that is more interesting take on it: Some shows become vulnerable (via modest ratings) to cancellation during a policy change, which tips the balance against them. ION: I ran the name changer on that spelling thing.

Ununnilium: Cancellation is Executive Meddling if it's for a non-ratings reason, IMHO.

Looney Toons: Executive Meddling all but says that already.

Seth: What do we think, is Doctor Who a Revival or was it Un-Canceled i dont think it can go in both. Personaly i'd go with a revival. Un-Canceled seems to take off from the point of cancellation whereas revival covers the time gap.

Ununnilium: Definitely a Revival. Not only does it jump the gap, it fiddles with the set-up.

Seth: Deleted.

Robert: The changes to the set-up are no greater than those that happened during the original show - e.g the transition from the second Doctor to the third - and there are gaps of unknown length in the original shows chronology. Doctor Who is a lot closer to a straightforward continuation than most revivals. I'd say it is a bit of both.

Ununnilium: This is true.

DonBoy: But surely part of the connotation of "Un-Canceled" is that someone changed their minds. The people who brought back Doctor Who weren't the same people who had cancelled it 20 years earlier, so I don't think it fits as one.

The entry about Buffy the Vampire Slayer on this page is entirely inaccurate. The WB never cancelled the series; they got a better offer from UPN and jumped ship. Nor was the season five finale ever intended to be the series finale.

Bring The Noise: Cut

"* What would a TV Tropes page be without Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The WB cancelled it in Season Five, and the finale was appropriately grand, going so far as to kill the titular character. Loose ends tied up, everybody wins. Right? UPN picked the show up for two more seasons, and the results were uneven, especially when the real Grand Finale tried to top the earlier one."

On the above ground that it's nonsense.
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