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Retnuh: What about Kenshin Himura VS Samurai Jack? Back when both shows were on Cartoon Network, there was a ton of message board topics on who would win.

Chuckg: Added some text to the Star Trek vs. Star Wars entry to highlight just how relatively immense a fan war it was. Or still is.

Jisu: Anyone have a small enough version of that Tokyo Mew Mew VS Yes! Precure 5 fanart? Or can you think of something better?

(Later) I have the full-sized version. Thoughts - should we shrink it for the article, or anyone got a better idea for a picture?

Morgan Wick: Can someone clarify the difference between this and the "fight thread" mentioned on Evasive Fight-Thread Episode? Is there a difference? If not, should it stay here or be moved to Fight Thread?

SAMAS: Yes, it's kind of the same, but any person who regularly posts in fight threads(such as myself) would much prefer to keep this title.

Ununnilium: I'd say they're basically the same thing, but this is a perfectly good title; however, Fight Thread should be a redirect.

Citizen idly wonders where Saimoe might fit in. Also,
The Mai-Otome manga put the Otome against the HiME, or, more specifically, their resurrected Mai-HiME counterparts. Guess which side won
I'm not familiar with Mai-Otome. Do go on. ಠ_ಠ

Pikawil: Saimoe would likely fall in the same category as the GameFAQs character contests: they're popularity battles and not this trope.

Air of Mystery: Kratos vs. Dante? Duh! Kratos!

I kind of wonder why Superman hasn't been pitted against Cell, to be honest. He's more than a little tough.

Roland: Your words are hateful lies, Air of Mystery! Hateful lies! Dante all the way! :-) —-

NeeNee: Probably a stupid question, but... Is this trope supposed to be about cross-overs, or does it include regular characters from the same show fighting? Some of the examples are a bit confusing.

Gloating Swine: It's both. But explicitly when it's all fan speculation about who would win, rather than when the characters actually do meet up and fight in canon.
Wascally Wabbit: Anyone know how to get the word Futurama aligned properly?

Blork: You mean how to make it into a link? ''{{Futurama}}'' gives Futurama.

Wascally Wabbit: I mean getting it under the quote rather than the image.
<random troper>: This trope ought to be split into hypothetical fandom arguments (e.g. Mc Clane vs Riggs) and stuff like Alien vs Predator. Key poing being whether or not the match is canonical and/or has actual, creator-endorsed fiction to go with it.

<troper>: This entire page has been deleted and replaced with a single link with a rather snarky implication attached. Are there any objections to changing it back?

Gurren Lagann with Starlock and Viral vs Nanaya Shiki.

Aya Reiko: Scorpion vs Ryu

LE Xicon 712: How about if we work on an Anime version of the Ultimate Showdown?
  • Godzilla -
  • Batman -
  • Shaq -
  • Aaron Carter -
  • Chuck Norris (AKA the Memetic Badass) -
  • Mister Rogers (AKA the unlikely winner) -

BritBllt: A few months ago, I came upon this page and noticed with admiration that the dreaded "Star Wars vs. Star Trek" entry just presented the debate without getting bogged down in rivaling nerd rage and geeky cries of "Incredible Cross Sections!" vs. "lasers don't hurt shields!". Then I come back to find all this...

However, since the publication of the Incredible Cross-Sections for Attack of the Clones, which confirmed that the Enteprise wouldn't stand much of a chance against most Star Wars ships, the debate has mostly died out.
  • The essay Star Wars vs Star Trek in Five Minutes pretty much sums up what the Incredible Cross-Sections for Attack of the Clones did to the debate. Given the source, the author is likely rather biased, but itís difficult to argue with the hard science. At least as hard as science from two fictional settings can be.
  • The website ST vs. SW [1] approaches the question primarily based on analysis of frames from movies / television episodes, calculating energy expenditures of weapons based on expansion of explosions and the like. It comes down heavily on the side of Star Trek.
  • For that matter, The Galactic Empire vs. The United Federation of Planets.
  • Mentioned in an Alt Text:
I was exhausted by Enterprise vs. Imperial Star Destroyer arguments 10 years ago, but I'm terribly amused by the idea of an Imperial Star Destroyer against, say, the Kon-Tiki. Especially if you can figure out a scenario in which the raft wins.
  • In this Casey and Andy strip, Casey programs a computer to simulate this battle. Andy modifies the simulation to include the Battlestar Galactica, which proceeds to destroy both the Enterprise and the Star Destroyer.
    • There's a video on Youtube with BSG vs. the Empire. The Empire apparently wins, because the BSG side runs.

Deleting because no, no, for God's sake, NO. The debate exists, it's noted - there, done, we do NOT need a natter war spouting off frame-by-frame analyses of FX shots and citing obscure tech books to declare their fandom the winner. Seriously, we do not need the headache. This page may be the last one on the internet to not get bogged down in the fanwankery, and it should stand proud and stay that way.

If anyone wants to bring all the above points up as a discussion/debate, here's the page...