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Momochi Zabuza: Why is Naruto's picture up there..? Surely there's someone better. Like, I dunno, Shuichi from Gravitation? Someone who really exemplifies it?
  • Loser Gamer Britt: Yeah, we really need a picture of someone who actually is an uke.

Nornagest: A note on the martial-arts use of the term — neither "defender" nor "attacker" adequately defines uke in a martial-arts context. It always means the partner receiving a technique during training, but many (though not all) techniques begin with the uke attacking the nage, or executing a more basic technique which is expected and countered.

It is, however, occasionally hilarious to practice jujutsu after learning the fandom definition.

Gemmifer: Feel free to remove the ukulele quote, if you want.

kit329: Removed ",and neither does his bitterness and hot temper regarding it" (re his height) from the Allen Walker note on this trope, as Allen having a height complex is not in fact founded in canon, and likely stems from a misinterpretation of a Japanese insult.

Insanity Prelude: How do you pronounce it, anyway?
  • Loser Gamer Britt: "oo-kay." (And the "oo" isn't "oh", it's... Gah, I'm horrible at explaining things. *fails*)

Pichu-kun: Do uke and seme refer to platonic relationships too? What about heterosexual relationships?

puritybrown: Nope. An uke can have almost any kind of personality, and so can a seme; what makes a seme a seme or an uke an uke is their position during sex, and nothing more. In general, this tends to align along personality lines, but not always; it's becoming more and more common for characters with an "uke-like personality" (emotionally open, weak, dependent, etc) to be seme in bed and vice versa.