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Krid Shade tail isn't a Technical Pacifist, as she flatly eschews violence. So far, she has only taken action against another living being three times: The first against a mugger, who she simply disarmed. The second against a pile of goo (Which may or may not have been a robot) who was attempting to coup-de-grace two of her friends. The third was against the Big Bad of the comic's first four years, who was gloating about murdering her friends/family in both past and future tense. Only against the Big Bad has she ever done harm to another being, and broke off combat in that case to start apologetic crying. Her kill count is still zero.

Ununnilium: Short form: The El Goonish Shive example isn't a Technical Pacifist, she's an Actual Pacifist.

Krid: Yea, but simply editing it without a note could have provoked an edit war. :D (In retrospect, I probably should have then edited the page. My bad. ^^;;)
Sikon: Four tykebombs and four factions in Mai-HiME? Okay, if my guesses are correct, the one who escaped was Natsuki (faction: First District), while two active ones were Alyssa (Searrs Foundation) and Mikoto (Obsidian Lord). I have no idea about the fourth one, however.

Willy Four Eyes (4/30/08): Sounds about right to me. I'm still only up to episode 17 so far, but as for my guess for the "fourth" one, either Shiho or Shizuru, but I don't know which faction they would belong to. They were the only two "major supporting characters" I know of whose powers haven't awakened yet. Then again, the description on the page says no fewer than four, so they both could be Tykebombs. I'll amend this if I watch the episodes in question and my findings are wrong.

fleb: Except that First District is the Obsidian Lord's faction. Neither of the two in spoiler-bars were raised from an early age to do anything; the first was just manipulated by Nagi briefly. So it's more like three tykebombs from two factions. I thought I edited this page before, but it must have been reversed by The Great Crash.
Shay Guy: The Code Geass spoiler tag is somewhat less effective when every time the character's name shows up on other pages, it's potholed to this one.