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From Ask The Tropers

Meocross: this site is awesome, its the funnny, its cool, the jokes rock, you know the person who made the page is putting effort into it the narcissistic jokes nearly crack me up every time heck, i read this site more than wikipedia!.

Red Shoe: I just want to say to you guys: Get out of my head! Thanks to the amount of time I've spent here, it's been months since I was able to sit down and watch a movie or TV show without knowing by the first commercial break, every major event that was going to happen in the plot.

Fast Eddie: ;-D Lean into it, Red Shoe. Just because you know it is iambic pentameter doesn't mean you can't enjoy the poetry.

Seth: I think we should have a disclaimer notice on the front page "Extended use of this website will monopolise your time and change the way you think"

Seth: And now we have TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life

From Supernatural Discussion

Seth: Why TV tropes has ruined TV for me. When watching the new episode of supernatural "Roadkill" the very first thing i said to myself not a moment after the car crashed is She is a ghost and this is a Tomato in the Mirror Episode - sure enough i was totally unsurprised by the ending when that turned out to be the case. I don't know what in these first five minuets before the title card led me to deduce the key plot twist at the end. But i am more or less sure it is this websites fault. Not that it is all bad, it was fun that i was right and it was a new way to play that trope. But damn, this is happening all the time.
Seth: My A-Levels in Film and Media studies strike again — Admit it, its happened to all of us. So i give you all a nice disclaimer page.

(Now if i can just find the discussion page the other day where someone actually cursed TV tropes for ruining their enjoyment - it would make a great page quote. Aha found Red Shoe's quote)

Ununnilium: Ironically, MST3K itself did this for me. I didn't even know what the word "plot" meant before that show.

Wiki: Eh, I had it going on long before I even knew what the word trope meant. We used to sit and talk about where we had seen it before while watching, but even that ran dry. Hence why I pretty much stopped watching TV.

Ruthie A: Actually, I think it has made TV more enjoyable for me. Of course, I've always enjoyed analyzing things, and I find predictability rather comforting, so I guess I'm a bit odd...

Will It Work: Nah, not really. I'm the type to read all the FA Qs, and the manuals, and get to know the map before I even start the game. We call such people spoiler enhanced. With practice, you can enjoy one one level while you analyze on another.

Seth: That was the new enjoyment i was talking about :D. But its never the same again.

Ununnilium: "spoiler enhanced", eh. So that's what Andyzero is. ``

Meiriona "spoiler enchanced", well that's a new one for me. That quite explains my take on video games. Oh, and yesterday my parent's were watching Will and Grace. I listen to dialogue halfheartedly while feeding parakeets, sum up the situation and I say to them 'Someone gets hurt and he has to play.' ten minutes later they inform me I was right.

((Jack Cain)) Meh. I was the kind of person that recognized character archetypes and started taking apart plots from about ten years old on foreward...

Lale: Thanks to this site, all I could think of when I saw Premonition today was "Temporal Paradox... Stable Time Loop... You Can't Fight Fate."

Kizor: I was just playing F.E.A.R. and my character was apparently having a major psychotic break, what with swimming in a pool of blood and all, and when a skeleton rose from under the surface and grabbed me my first thought was "again?" Now, while I've only seen that once and that was off-wiki, I blame TV Tropes Wiki for putting me into pattern-seeking mode. On the other hand, I expect the time spent here to pay for itself many times over by making me watch less bad television, allowing me to do more constructive things instead.

CJHaacke: What if I don't have a life to begin with?

Seth: One of us, one of us?
Morgan Wick: A Professional Wrestling-specific example. You may know that WWE is currently doing an angle concerning the "death" of Mr. Mc Mahon. It's pretty much guaranteed to end in crap, though it could end in Mc Mahon coming back, it turning out to be a suicide, someone on the roster doing it presumably leading to a wrestling match instead of, you know, a criminal trial, or someone outside of the roster doing it, and I don't need to tell you how idiotic that would be.

SPOILER: He's coming back. How do I know? Because they Never Found the Body but No One Could Survive That!.

JW: You should add that the site has high addiction-value. I've actually stayed up to 4 am going through article after article, each supposedly the "last one"

Sup Super: I'll say! I pretty much have to mentally stop myself from visiting this site, since even just visiting one page will quickly lead to "It's 7am already?!? Better get ready for school". It's worse than Tetris and Civilization combined!

Outsyder0486: Darn you, TV Tropes! Now I've started to think in terms of tropes. I met a really strange lady at work and almost told my mom that I thought she was a Cloudcuckoolander; and I almost mentioned that something was a Subverted Trope before stopping myself. Agh! Still, it gives me something to do when I'm bored...about that, I can't complain.

Lale: No kidding! Good grief, I had a close call yesterday. I was talking with a friend after a lit class where we'd discussed Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher and almost used the word Twincest.

Insomniac By Choice: This site ruins lives by being addicting, not really by changing how you look at media. Lots of people are critical before coming here, but this comic much more properly represent TV Tropes than it does wikipedia (now that wikipedia got so strict about trivia).
Seth: The number one reason i am proud to have made this page - blogs repeatedly link to it as evidence of how much this site rocks. This is good press right here.
Paul Power: I was talking to myself the other day (don't worry, it's just something I do) when I nearly referred to myself as "this troper". Yeah.

Ack Sed: If you think that's strange,try offhandedly saying,"Oh,that's a trope.". Then spending the next five minutes trying to explain (badly) what the hell a trope is. In other news,reading all those Nightmare Fuel examples has put me into trope-seeking mode — because I recognise more 'disturbing' imagery now,it has the side effect of me becoming a big wuss. Thanks,TVTropes!

Fast Eddie: Pulled all this stuff off, so I could find the actual article.
"I just want to say to you guys: Get out of my head! Thanks to the amount of time I've spent here, it's been months since I was able to sit down and watch a movie or TV show without knowing by the first commercial break, every major event that was going to happen in the plot".
"Do you know the end? Did Mom tell you that Fox is—"
"Oh, shit," Jeremy's father interrupts. "They killed Fox?"
That's the problem with being a writer, Jeremy knows. Even the biggest and most startling twists are rarely twists for you. You know how every story goes.
"Magic for Beginners", by Kelly Link

"It's like 'okay, I'll go to bed after this one', and ten minutes later you have up ten different tabs and are all like 'hurrrneedmoarhurrr'."
A friend of this editor, who got it right on the money

Air Of Mystery: There's a guy at my school who's popular, funny and smart, and I actually asserted that the entire world was his Mary Sue fanfic. And the friend I said that to got it.

Red Shoe: I'd like to assert that while a well-written show is a pleasure to watch even with a full tropecabulary, it makes normal shows painful. Seems like my new motto is, to quote Mr. Rodriguez, "Interesting... No, wait, the other thing: tedious." That's my main complaint now: that conflict in shows virtually always feels artificial, rather than evolving organically from characters and situation.

Rogue 7: Y'know, I don't know whether this came from the troper in me or the cynic, but I was watching an episode of Samurai Jack earlier- it's one where Spartans (300 and all) fight against generic robots type 12. I was waiting for the plot twist- either the spartans to turn out to be the bad guys or the son to betray his father. Nope, nothing, just good old-fashioned ass-kickery. 'Twas distinctly odd.

Sikon: Heh. I remember how, spoiled by Mai-HiME, I watched the first few episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Stargate SG-1 expecting twists and subversions at every corner. For example, I'd never think that Shinji would really defeat the second Angel just in time until the power would run out, or that O'Neill was genuinely cured in "The Broca Divide". And at first I expected every other character in Stargate to be brainwashed, secretly a Goa'uld, or both.
Novium: This website hasn't ruined my life by making me overly aware of tropes or anything like that. I've always been very good at recognizing the patterns, even if I didn't have cool names for them and would have been hard pressed to define them exactly. And my research pretty much entirely consists of textual analysis, so there's nothing new there, except for semi-guilt free procrastination. However, this site has ruined my life by being horribly horribly addictive. I find myself compelled to open up trope after trope until I have at least 50 tabs going, and am opening two more for everyone I close. I also feel compelled to add to them. Help. It has also sent me off into the deep dark corners of the internet...places I wisely never ventured before. Like when it had me seeking out the scary places of fandom, including the fan fiction found there. Having read about the craziness, I felt the need to confirm its existence. My brain feels dirty. damn my curious eyes. And also everyone who ever contributed to this website, thus ensuring that I'll probably never break free.

alliterator: How I know TV Tropes has ruined my life: on That Other Wiki, I read about an obscure 1978 Star Trek parody show created by Buck Henry that only lasted eight episodes. A few minutes later, I watched one episode on YouTube. Right after that, I created an entry for it that took up a few hours of my time. Why, God, why?! Because TVTropes has ruined my life.

Cliché: Is it healthy that I actually enjoy seeing some of these tropes (and this was before I discovered this site. Philosophy already ruined my life, so I'm okay with this site)? Okay, I love camp humour, but who doesn't love a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass? Time to remind myself that Tropes Are Not Good.

Emiko: TV Tropes has ruined one of my novels - or, to be more precise, has necessitated a change to its in-world terminology. When I started writing this particular novel in November 2007, the large holes in landmasses that provided direct access to the waters of the ocean were called "Portals." Now, I can't reread any part of the novel that mentions them without thinking about a certain experimental program run by Aperture Science. The kicker is that I've never even played the game - I know all about it from TV Tropes. Now I have to think of something else to call those holes in the land. Sigh.

Klaue: Well.. I used about every awake hour in the last 1.5 weeks on TV Tropes. Seriously. Even at work. When I realised it was getting too far, I had 497 TV-Tropes-Pages open in tabs. Forcing myself to only read entries with interesting titles and not to open new tabs anymore I was able to work my way through it in 3 days (using about 8 hours/day) and now I am finally finished! I just wonder if I should ever read anything here again - the danger of stucking again is quite high ;)
Rogue 7: Submitted for possible quote-age, found over on Fandom_Wank (I lurk): Knightrider: You go into T Vtropes, you ain't NEVER getting out again. It's like the Hotel fucking California.

Godeskian Not only has this site ruined my life, but I've started using it's terminology to the bemusement and sometimes exaspiration of my Vampire group. The Best bit for me personally was when my assasin had to kick down a door, kill a man and leave and was told that the principal wanted the murder to be dramatic, my character kicked the door down, announced himself with 'Hi, I'm Klaus Van Puppykicker and I'll be your designated antagonist' and completed the hit. The name was taken from one of the page examples in the villain section, and the 'designated antagonist' is the name of a trope.

Smokie: Not exactly ruined my life, but it did somewhat ruin my enjoyment for television. I have difficulties watching new shows now. I don't know why. Yeah, thank you for that, tvtropes. That's all because you're so cynical and complaining here!
  • I've gotten used to it, myself. Now days I prefer to share in the pokng of fun at my favourite television shows .

[[Scarab]]: Oh, Christ, not again. I was only gonna browse a bit, When the hell did it become 1:30 am???

Revolos55: On December 17th someone mentioned this website on a bulletin board I frequent. It is now January 14th and I swear I have been on TV Tropes 6-7 hours every workday since then. Thankfully I'm a security guard and this doesn't interfere with my job, but still... *sigh*

Anima: I cannot even watch a TV show or anime or read anything without being able to name ten tropes in the first five minutes right off the top of my head.
this ABSOLUTELY gotta become the new image!

I came here to post the exact same thing.

So I'm sitting in my boring-as-a-haircut International Marketing class (it's the professor, really; her lecture style is to dash down rabbit trails), and I figure that if I work on this story that I started before becoming a Troper, I can stay awake (it works, by the way). I go to create a new character, and how do I set the dimensions? With tropes. (My design notes actually read "Trope mix: The Ojou, Mysterious Waif, Yamato Nadeshiko," though I plan to blend in some Action Girl as well.)
Morgan Wick: The image, both quotes on the page, and some of the quotes on the quote page have more to do with The Tetris Effect or Wiki Walk. Only one paragraph in the main body touches on that.

Johnny E: So own up - how many people came straight here after reading XKCD this morning?

Electivirus: *Raises hand*

Were Josh Peck Prince: It's kind of subverted in my case because it hasn't particular ruined me in anyway, it's actually helped. I discovered this site by accident while looking up the phrase "A Wizard Did It" . I'm a bit of a troper, my first time here was a bit on the rough side- I was kind of a jerk and I well appologise for that. This site's cool and everyone here is so nice,cool and funny. If you're wondering about that song parody I did called Don't Go On TV Tropes- I was drunk when I wrote that- I wasn't thinking straight. On the other hand I did write a song parody which has this very trope name in the title. I also use use Nightmare Fuel, Fetish Fuel and Squick as inspiration for some of the other song parodies I wrote- the original song I parodied for Nightmare Fuel and Fetish Fuel was in fact Toxic Love from the movie Ferngully. So in a way, it kind of inspired me. And the Squick song I did I was a parody of Swim by Madonna- I made several references to David Cronenberg's movies in there.
Antwan: I hate it when people change the picture and I can't find the reason. Can you at least explain why you did it? That's all I ask.
Inkblot: ...Tvtopes?
Amedeus: I just want to say, I took this screenshot a few moments ago and I'll pretty much hate you guys forever for what you've done to me: <3