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Should this be re-classified as a "series plot"?. All of the examples listed have this as the background for a whole series, instead of being the plot for just a single episode. --KEVP

Ununnilium: Yes, IMHO.

BT The P: Isn't this the original origin of the Cybermen from Doctor Who? I never saw the original series, but the new guy alludes to it in "RotC".

Seven Seals: Nope. In the original series, the Cybermen bio-engineered themselves into near-roboticism. They were conquerors, not a slave race.

Deus Ex Biotica: I'm with Un - This seems like a series plot to me.

Peteman: The Androsynth were wiped out by the Orz after the Ur-Quan defeated humanity. You have the commander guy talking about how humans were afraid of Androsynth raids, and how guilty they felt about how they preety much forced them into it.