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ninjacrat: This seems to be a duplicate of Perfect Run Final Boss.

On the other hand, it's got the better title.

[later] Ok, I merged Perfect Run Final Boss into this one. Give a scream if anything broke.

Well, most people (in at least 90% of the communities I'm a regular of) tend to refer to those bosses as TFB's (shorthand for True Final Boss) even though some of them don't nessisarily require a Perfect Run. some of the stuff on my ideas-for-games stuff is to have mutually exclusive "True Final Bosses" in an STG game (for instance, having one TFB require no deaths, no bombs, and all Spell Cards captured; while having another TFB require no deaths, minimal bombing, and NO Spell Cards captured [including survival cards] - getting those two in addition to a third 1cc "TFB" would result in randomly fighting what I have tentatively titled a "True True Final Boss"... as confusing as that sounds, the fact remains that to get the TTFB in that setup, you'd have to intentionally do more or less the opposite of a Perfect Run.) ~Zeta

Fighteer: Removed the World of Warcraft entry (copied below). This is not really a TFB example because (a) Heroic modes are easily enabled and don't require 100% Completion, (b) the heroic-only bosses aren't necessarily harder than any other bosses in the same dungeon mode, (c) they aren't Final Bosses, anyway. A slightly better example may be found in the upcoming Ulduar dungeon, however, which is adding explicit hard modes to standard raid encounters including a Bonus Boss, but even that's not going to change the identity of the Final Boss.
  • World of Warcraft has Heroic mode for dungeons, some of which add an extra boss previously represented by a normal placeholder enemy.

Shale: Could we maybe get a picture that isn't completely incomprehensible to people who haven't played SRW? I tried to at least take a screenshot from the English version, so it'd only be partially incomprehensible, but checking Neo Granzon's status window crashes my emulator.