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fleb: I still can't believe this show got a second season. And one with Jane Espenson even, about whom you only seem to hear good things on the 'net. When did it even air? (grumbles off to The Other Wiki)

Ununnilium: This entry needs to be less justifying the show and more describing it.


: ?

Your so incredibly verbose reply is a great deal of actual aide in figuring out what needs to be fixed.

To elaborate: There is plenty "describing it" in the article. The major arc, the show's main genres, the central characters, the central series tropes, the progression of the show across its run, and other important details (much of the history of the show, such as where it ran, the fact that it was canceled in favor of Point Pleasant, the cult - as opposed to mainstream - status) are all detailed, as are several character and episode tropes.

So if you're going to complain, it's actually best not to be succinct, actually. Exactly which lines are bugging you? I can't really fix it until I know exactly what's reading awkwardly, now can I? : Sidenote: I have no idea how to connect this poor stubby thing to any other articles in the bottom bar thingy! Please, for the love of Wiki, would someone please fix this...?

Seth: This is far too cluttered, ~Pulls out hacksaw~ might edit stomp someone if they make any edits in the next few minuets.

Later: This fits format worse than the old avatar article did, this has got to be my most brutal rewrite ever, but the old page was so not what we do.

Later Still: And just like Avatar a number of the examples had overly complicated justifications attached to them. ~Spring Cleans/Adds Watch~.