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Verb The Dog Index? launched as TropeyTheWonderDogDiscussion: From YKTTW

Zephid: I don't have anything meaningful to contribute here, I just want to say how much I love that this entry exists.
Working Title: Verb The Dog Index?: From YKTTW
Jethro Q Walrustitty: Damned, I missed this on YKTTW, I was actually thinking about this kind of category myself, called Things To Do With A Dog.
Earnest: Should we include Shaggy God Story?
fleb: Even the Dog Is Ashamed isn't remotely metaphorical, so I axed it. // later: Actually, neither is Eat the Dog, so now that's gone too.

Sean Tucker: Actually, Eat the Dog is fairly metaphorical, as it doesn't necessarily refer to a dog. It refers to TeamPets or NonHumanSidekicks in general. For example, Kamina threatening to eat Boota in the first episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann would be an example, even though Boota is so far from being a dog it isn't even funny. Hell, in the case of humanitarians it can refer to a Baldrick that is much smaller than said humanitarian.
John Quixote: Nothing important to say, except next time I get a dog, I'm totally naming it Tropey.
Rissa: Tropey is adorable. Anyone know where the picture comes from?

Luc: It's a picture of Laika.

32_Footsteps: Aw, man. I actually recognized Laika. Now I'm half-tempted to cite this page under Tear Jerker (knowing her full story contributes to that).

The Uploader says thanks. He just randomly chose the image while looking for a suitable one at wikipedia's list of famous dogs. Looks like he made the right choice

Re: Rape the Dog — my mistake! Only after changing that did I think "Hmm, maybe there was a reason" and investigate. It makes sense now that I realize that they changed the name of "Rape the Dog" to "Moral Event Horizon". (And incidentally, I think the change makes sense — to highlight the functional distinction between the tropes.) As for leaving it on this page, I think it makes sense — it is, after all, a logical part of the escalating severity of the Kick tropes.

Sean Tucker: I unstriked it and merely added a note saying it got renamed to Moral Event Horizon.
Vifetoile: I love that Laika got a second life as Tropey the Wonder Dog, and I have a question. If Tropey is hurt, and gets one of those surgical cones placed around her neck, does that mean that a Lampshade has been hung on her?