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Rik: Is this not the same as Fish out of Water?

Kendra Kirai: The Fish out of Water isn' trapped. They're merely out of their element. A city slicker in the country, a country boy in the city, a Stranger in a Strange Land.

Morgan Wick: Problem is, a lot of substantially Fish out of Water shows contain Trapped in Another World elements, and I dare you to prove that Trapped in Another World is, at some time, not coinciding with (and thus a subtrope of) Fish out of Water. In fact, this may well simply be Fish out of Water + Failure Is the Only Option.

Robert: You could equally well call Trapped in Another World a subtrope of Failure Is the Only Option. Fold this page into Fish out of Water and you'd need to duplicate it under Failure Is the Only Option, hardly desirable.

There's also a third important ingredient to the trope: heroism. Compare it with the inverse trope, Alien Among Us, where the alien is trapped in our world. We humans seem to end up playing Superman far more often than we end up as Mork.

Seth: How did this page go so long without Alice in Wonderland? I added it to the top for emphasis.

Lale: Would that be the "Ur-Example"? What exactly does "Ur-Example" mean, anyway? Oldest? Best? Most famous? Defining?

Fast Eddie: Ur- is a German prefix that has slipped into English slang. It means "prot(o)-", "first", "oldest", "original" ... but you knew that. I think "defining" is a good sense of the way it used the most around here.

Lale: That's what I figured- just wanted a second opinion. Thanx.

Seth: I honestly didn't know what that meant.

Removed example, as actually being an Alien Among Us:
  • In American Dad! Roger the Alien is stranded on Earth. (And Klaus is trapped in the body of a fish.)

So here's where you guys put this thing. I was about to start a YKTTW called "High School Girls From Another Dimension" wondering how we could have missed it. :(