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From YKTTW Working Title: Transformation As A Free Action

witchdoctor: Let me fix the red links, for some reason i thought I had titled it with the working title, my bad. Also I have no idea where the redirect came from, any ideas?

Fast Eddie: Looks like both you and Ethereal Mutation launched it, but to different names.

Anthony Mercer: The Order Of The Stick strip that's linked to has nothing to do with the trope. Anyone know which one it's meant to be linking to?
  • Deux Hero: Yes it does, panel 3-5 has "Shapechange" used instantly twice (though I admit I thought "Where did that come from" the first time I read it)

Avatar Zero: I deleted the old Dn D entry for only being related to the name of this trope. The new one actually fits.