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Guesss Who: Took out the Lord of the Rings mention, because it was well-done and made sense and was in the original book.

Nautilus PQ: Removed the Farscape mention, as the romance is a well-done, major part of the overarching plot.

Rebochan: Took out the Daria reference to Tom Sloane, because it was a *long* plot arc that encompassed the final two season of the show and was actually well-written and developed over both seasons, even up to the point where the characters went through a realistic break-up at the end of high school and went their separate ways. I mean hell, shouldn't a Token Romance be one that survives for no apparent reason to the end of the series?

Fantasy Cat: Would Harry Potter count? In Order of the Phoenix the Harry/Cho pairing comes off a little bit token. Now I'm aware that the Half-Blood Prince devotes much of its story to character relationships...maybe a bit too much. J.K. Rowling set up the Harry/Ginny in minor steps in book prior with the intention that Harry and Ginny were destined to be together. It comes off a little bit "eh" in the last two books. The movie actually makes this worse! Instead of creating some sort of development (even a minor one) building up to Half-Blood Prince, suddenly the Harry/Ginny pairing comes straight out of nowhere and nothing really happens except for a few glancing eyes, daydreams and the like...straight out of nowhere. You'd think that Harry would've noticed Ginny books sooner if J.K. really intended for them to hook up and especially since they know each other so well. It's weird how all the other pairings in the books come off more developed and Harry's love stories become the weakest in the series.