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BT The P: Okay, so right after I did the Thunderbirds entry I thought, "Y'know, the whole secret-entrance-hero-lair thing is a trope in its own right." Then I saw that Looney Toons had just then created this entry. "We are so on the same wavelength! I should go edit the Thunderbirds entry, and freak him out!" And so I did. Did it work?

Looney Toons: Yooooooooou betcha. And just to let you know, I created the entry because I saw the "Transformation Sequence" cite in Thunderbirds and said to myself, "nah, that's not really it"...

BT The P: I figured you had, it was just too much of a coincidence.

Sanityfaerie: Voltron ought to be in here too - though I admit my fu is not strong enough to put in the base writeup to make the thing work. For that matter, I'm pretty sure that Ronin Warriors has these. Should it not also be an anime trope?

Morgan Wick: Generally, Anime Tropes are reserved for those things that are present only in anime. I could be wrong tho.

Ununnilium: Nah, if it's common enough in anime it can go in both.

Ham Gravy: Doesn't Wallace & Gromit subvert this trope by having Wallace go through an eccentric Heath Robinson-type process (NB: Heath Robinson is the Brit equivalent of Rube Goldberg, who's virtually unknown over here) to kit himself up and mount him on the motorbike, whereas Gromit simply walks in through the garage door? This either happens in A Close Shave or Curse of the Were-rabbit, or quite possibly both.

Big T: In that case, it's both used straight (with Wallace) and subverted (with Gromit).