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Looney Toons: Because I can't resist a smart-ass comment:

where a military bomb disposal officer confidently proclaims that he has several minutes to difuse a bomb, which promptly blows up in his face in a cloud of dust

Most bombs diffuse themselves automatically, if left alone. The cloud of dust in this quote is a great example — it's the bomb diffusing itself through the air. <grin> Now, if he wanted to keep it from exploding, he ought to defuse it instead. <grin>

Schrau: Heh, maybe I should rephrase that. The bomb in question was a training bomb that the disposal officer had to difuse as part of a training exercise, complete with the classic red LED digital timer. Naturally, the bomb "exploded" when the trainee assumed that he had several minutes in which to complete his task, and hence the smart-ass comment from his training officer.

Lokimaros: There is an emerging subtrope of this: The hero and his gang arrive at the bomb, don't inspect the counter, we, the audience see that there is way too much time to necessarily stop the bomb in the last seconds, and the Damsel arrives and asks something along the lines of "How did all this happen?" or "Why?", and the Hero, rather than first disarming the bomb and then start monologuing, thinks it's an eminent idea to start explaining the whole movie, and answer any and all questions the writers can think of, before so much as looking at the bomb in question, never mind that the Big Bad or his Dragon are still around somewhere wanting to prevent the disarming.

Annoys the hell out of me, I mean, if you stand on the railroad tracks and see a train coming, do you stop and start preaching how stopping there is stupid? Or how the tracks were built and why there is a crossing there? Or do you first of all get out of the way, if your IQ is supposed to be above room temperature (Celcius)?