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Working Title: Those Two Guys Who Kill People: From YKTTW

Etrangere: now that's a write up that is Made of Win.

L Guardinal: Now, I'm sure the answer will be obvious as soon as I get it, but how is Thaddeus Rope a Punny Name?

alliterator: Thaddeus Rope and Clive Liche. T.Rope and C.Liche. Plus, rope can be used as something to hang people, while "liche" is sometimes the spelling of lich (since it comes from the German Leiche, meaning "corpse").

L Guardinal: Oh geez. I'm embarrassed, both for whoever came up with that, and myself, for not getting it!

Sean Tucker: I take it the style is a Neverwhere reference? Rope and Liche talk exactly like Croup and Vandemar.

alliterator: I moved The Venture Bros. quote down, since it was pushing down most of the article.

Removed the following as it seemed to have nothing to do with Those Two Bad Guys... "Matt Fraction has said that he wants to use Chico and Merv as villains in his Punisher run, and have Frank force them at gunpoint to rape each other. So Yeah."

Could we please get a more concise and clear entry for this trope? It's nice and clever and all, but if it weren't for the Pulp Fiction pic I wouldn't have had a clue WHAT this trope was supposed to be describing until the summary immediately before the examples.