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Working Title: Drug And Alcohol Tropes: From YKTTW

Qit el-Remel: I'm sure Henry Sackerman's novel The Love Bomb would fit in here somewhere. An alien—or, more accurately, an extraterrestrial human—lands on earth, is mystified with how violent and prudish humans are, and ends up getting his buddy to drop a chemical weapon. Said chemical weapon basically neutralizes people's hostilities and inhibitions. (For example, two juvenile delinquents are fighting on account of one of them having slept with the other's sister; they destroy their knives, talk the situation over like civilized young men, and Air Hug. A man who despises his wife for a mean old cow—and is despised by her in turn for a pathetic slacker—buys her roses, and comes home to find her cooking his favorite dish and looking dewy-eyed.)

Kuzlalala: What trope do you think is perfect whenever someone has started the habit of alcohol?