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How about Return of the Jedi?

Kilyle: Does magic count, or is that a separate trope? In one of the ElfQuest tales, when the High Ones had just landed and been driven off by caveman, Rayek's ancestor gets the cavemen to worship him by showing them some simple magic tricks - they basically become his humble servants, at least for a short time.
Fast Eddie: pulled ...
Note that a modern person is increasingly less likely to have these things on him, and that the really cool modern stuff is so dependent on infrastructure that it can't to jack-all-squat in the 14th century or on Longo Longo Island. Not to mention that the Longo Longoians may have had some tech magazines or cast-off obsolete gear foisted on them by missionaries, and been unimpressed.

... out of the first graph. It just muddies up the thesis.