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Katherine: Phew. Finally got to making the page, after leaving it for way too long (I think the original YKTTW discussion is lost forever). Still need examples, particularly for the second variant.

Ununnilium: De-censored "[expletive word for a female dog]". I mean, we've got the trope Rich Bitch already.
Medinoc: Huh? Pumbaa has vanished! Can anybody provide his English lines again?
  • Temyx delivers with help from YouTube.
    Hyena: "Hey! Who's the pig?"
    Pumba: "Are you talking to me?"
    Timon: "Uh oh, he called him a pig."
    Pumba: "You talking to me?"
    Timon: "You shouldn't have done that."
    Pumba: "Are you talking to me?!"
    Timon: "Now, they're in for it."
    Pumba: "They call me MISTER PIG!

Willbyr: Maybe I'm missing something, but it doesn't seem like the Quaker entry in Real Life connects to the military examples listed as subentries. Did something get edited out of the list?