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Scrounge: Is it just me, or does the quote at the top of the page not really seem to fit here? I mean, yeah, it's hilarious, but I'm sure there's a better place for it, and somthing better to put here.

Ununnilium: Agreed; there's no power-up involved. Pulling it out: Suddenly, angels burst in full chorus. "Hmmm, either it's the Rapture, or else Van is visiting."Vision of Escaflowne parody Fan Fic.

Scrounge: And anyone who says "The Touch" doesn't fit hasn't seen the movie.

Sockatume: To this day I listen to it (and occasionally Dare) when the going gets tough. High school exams? The Touch. Driving test? The Touch. University exams? The Touch. Final year dissertation? The Touch.

From Tola: I question whether the Imperial March counts. Yes, it's the Empire's Theme Tune, but is it a POWER UP in the films?

Caswin: No. No, it's not. (This makes the second time I've deleted this one...)
  • The Imperial March from Star Wars. This does not, however, power up Darth Vader. He is already powered TO THE MAX! Until he turns into a big pussy in the third movie, obviously.

cg12345: It isn't? I distinctly remember it playing in the second movie when Vader started tossing stuff around with the Force and got the upper hand fighting Luke. I would argue that it could be a Theme Music Power-Up, but not all instances of it are.

Mister Six: Did Buffy's theme ever play during her fight sequences? I don't think so. Pulled:

The titular Buffy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


landley: How can you miss Star Trek II, which was an _opera_. (Go listen to the 25th anniversary album sometime. Enterprise Underway, Battle of the Motara Nebula, Genesis Countdown... You can tell what's happening on the screen, plot point by plot point, from nothing but the music.)


Cassius335: Took out the Team Rocket example, which wasn't really a subversion, it just didn't fit.

Ominous Latin Chanting to a techno beat? Really? Does anyone have a clip of this? - cctoide

I searched through the whole page for that until I realized you were talking about the intro text, so now I hate you. —Document N

Yeah, I went there. — Nerem

Digitaldragoon: How about the theme from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. This song plays during many pivotal scenes in the game, and is actually the battle music for the final battle. Since Zack fights his way through 10,000 shinra soldiers, I think this could be considered a power up song.

That One Smelly Guy: No one put up the Bard class from Dungeons & Dragons? The whole Class is based around this.