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Benjilicious: Added the Hercule Poirot quote. Doesn't that just sum up the use that the author puts to the Watson character?
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  • Actually, Watson often had no idea what was going on because of Holmes' eccentric behavior, and the fact that many of his deductions were not completely obvious. Holmes would often figure out the answer to the mystery fairly early on and spend the rest of the story ennacting various plans to prove it. Watson would have no clue as to what was going until Holmes fills him in (Holmes tells Watson at one point that he is too bad of a liar to have been let in on his plot. This plot involves convincing Watson that he (Holmes) is dying, insulting Watson's medical skills, and locking Watson in a room and preventing him from leaving for hours). This is all from Doyle's original works.

Sergei Alderman: Somebody said: "**It's worthy of note that this was much less a trait of the literary Watson, who was a capable medical doctor and whose real-world common sense complemented Holmes's theoretical knowledge (not to mention, being a much better shot). It only became a fundamental part of the character via Flanderization and Adaptation Decay, especially as a result of Nigel Bruce's portrayal on film and radio." No. For one, this is an "actually" even if they avoid using the word. And it just isn't so. Watson is constantly asking Holmes to explain his reasoning. Holmes sometimes does and sometimes refuses to, depending on the requirements of the narrative. Watson was not portrayed as a buffoon, but this is not necessary to be "the Watson." Not-such-a-deductive-genius-as-the-protagonist is all that is required to fulfill the needs of this narrative device. Removing.

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