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Silent Hunter: Can we include a picture of this in the article? It's not the same, but it's just as unexpected and has a big impact...

Aerin Pegadrak: Perhaps there should be some mention of how increasingly common this is becoming, especially in movies marketed toward nerds? (Comic book movies seem especially prone to this, but other nerd-friendly movies like Pirates of the Caribbean do this too.)
Radical Taoist: Grah. The Stinger in this article would be perfect if we could put it at the very bottom of the page after the Creative Commons disclaimer and the ads. Oh well.

Azaram: Do commercials for the next movie after this movie really deserve to be on this page? There is a reason they're called 'trailers', after all. Not that the movie companies understand that...

Oh my god. Whoever put up that picture is Made of Win.

Silent Hunter: Thanks. I aim to please.

Crowley : This part confuses me (spoilers for Phoenix Wright ahead.)
  • One sentence from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth chooses death.Granted, this comes as part of an epilogue for every character that appears at the end of every PW game, but still...

I've played the entire first game and part of the second. To my knowledge, this "stinger" pops up in the middle of the second game, as a plot point. Am I just missing something?

Mr. Jack:

  • The first episode of the Tales Of Symphonia OVA has a scene where Colette kisses Lloyd.

When did this happen?