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Freezair For A Limited Time: Re. the Hitchhiker's Guide example: If that was intentional, Adams is even more brilliant than I initially assumed he was. If that is coincidence, it is the best coincidence ever.

Rob Mandeville: Consider a subtrope: Time Capsule Mail Service. This is when a character sends a message or package by post or delivery service into the future. Really, what would happen if you sent a Fed Ex package to Joe So-and-so, 341 Main St, Somewhere USA, on August 12, 2014? You would expect this to fail. Two examples: the end of Back To The Future 2 (Wells Fargo shows up just as the De Lorean gets zapped to the 19th century, and an episode of Quantum Leap where Sam (not Al) gets trapped in the hologram room, so Al writes a letter to the lab telling them to open the door. The act of putting the letter in the mailbox instantly opens the door.

Myke: Would I be wrong to have my mind blown over the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from Dragonball Z not being up here?