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I have the impression that we could use at least more categories:

4. Neutral - neither harmful, nor ineffective, nor awesome, just in between.

5. Mixed - like Dr Melfi from Sopranos. Not really bad, but she has problems with her own marriage and has to undergo therapy herself.

Andrew: I think that's unnecessary. The "neutral" shrink: if he's just kind of there, doesn't care about the patient, just punches a clock and cashes the checks, then I think that's "Harmful." Not as dramatically harmful as some of the other examples, but harmful nonetheless, if only to the patient's wallet. If The Shrink is legitimately trying but just can't get through, that's Well Meaning But Dopey and Ineffective.

Mixed...make a judgment call on which aspect wins out. I've never seen The Sopranos, but if Dr. Melfi actually helps Tony, she's Awesome. If she tries hard but her own problems get in the way, Ineffective.