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Added few tropes I noticed alot in Aughts (00-08) mainstream Movies/Anime etc. Should I add these? Zombie Movies, Forensic Dramas, Medical Drama, Post Modernism has definitely reached new heights all around (Nearly all of the new popular anime series either has a Post Modern take or just Deconstructs the earlier genres, Darker and Edgier, End of The World/Post-End Of The World - Just about every other movie in the USA [though it's dying down considerably since the 2000s) that is not Romantic Comedy (Same applies), Shallow Parody (I don't think they'll ever stop), Sequel/Remake or some odd some odd Teen movie.

The "series set in this time period" section is pretty broken. You're supposed to put in every show, film, book or comic which can in some way be tied down to this particular decade?