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Why is Rock & Rule not mentioned?

Dude, it's only the third example listed. I suppose I could elaborate on it, though...
wia: Does Earth Angel really count in the Back to the Future entry? Marty's parents historically kissed for the first time at a school dance. Marty managed to get the lead guitarist injured literally minutes before the dance - without the band, no dance, no kiss, no Marty. He merely filled in for the injured guitarist so the band would play their set... until Jonny B Good (which does, indeed, end in a subversion).

Ununnilium: Taking out some of the examples from Brown Note, and moving some others into Magic Music. (The fife of Bodhidharma doesn't seem very rockin'.)

TTD: Cutting this out:

  • Did the "rock" thing distract y'all? Because it was country music that destroyed the martians in, IIRC, Mars Attacks!. Very old, very corny country music. It's stereotypes like that that lead to flame wars over whether modern country belongs on a game called Rock Band ("This is not Redneck Band! This is not Hillbilly Band! Get your own game!" vs. "Dang it, will you even listen to some of these songs, they're more rock than Elvis was!").

LOL people who don't read the introduction (important bit in bold):

"Incidentally, it's only "The Power of Rock" because 99 percent of the time rock is the musical genre of choice for this Trope. Rock tends to be loud and theatrical, and therefore more powerful. As the examples below show, other kinds of music work too. ("Power of Music" sounded way too banal.)"

Fire Walk: Unless I'm missing something, aren't the various examples where the villains use it still perfect examples, not inversions? 'Cos there's some listed as inversions, and it's taking me a few moments to work out how so. It's still music so Rockin' it ignores the laws of physics.

fleb: I cut some inversions, and some others, that are really more Musical Assassin. I'm trying to think of a way to explain the difference between that and this... I guess this is a subtrope fueled by sheer Audience Appeal.

Wampa Lord: Uh, does the INTRO VIDEO to Rock Band really need spoiler tags?

Kizor: If knowing of what happens substantially reduces the amount of awesome. You have to make that decision yourself, I haven't played it.

Boobah: Slight edit/correction to the arguably inapplicable Buffy the Vampire Slayer entry, and pulled the largely irrelevant:

  • Can anyone verify that this was an Enya CD? She strikes this troper as unlikely to have actual screaming, and from Willow's miming it looked like some kind of death metal album that most definitely would.

Uh... Square Peg, Round Trope? (Also "Aule"?)

  • The rabbit version of this (from Watership Down) doesn't work out so well. When the hero Elihrairah challenges the Black Rabbit of Aule (the god of death) to a story-telling contest, the Black Rabbit agrees and recognizes it as binding, but then wins it handily. His story is so Bad Ass, the otherwise undefeated hero can't even think of a story to tell.

  • Shrek 2 perhaps. While the Fairy Godmother sings "Holding out for a Hero" and Fiona and Prince Charming dance Shrek is storming the castle with the aid of the giant Gingerbread man Mongo. Not quite sure if singing a song into a magic wand about a hero coming to save the day is what you want to do as the villainess, just in case the wand does more than simply act as a microphone.
    • To be fair, the Fairy Godmother doesn't think she's the villainess. She's the Fairy Godmother, after all, and "ogres don't live happily ever after." She would have no reason to suspect that Shrek is going to storm the castle.

Yeah, not this trope at all.

Why was the image changed?!