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Pisthetairos: seems I was a bit hasty on the launching of this trope, because it's too similar to the Cuckoo Case trope. I'm not sure what to do now...discart this one, or merge them?

Softspoken: This is probably a non-issue, but the trope is fine. Cuckoo Case is just the cover itself being a copy of another movie or something. This trope is when the entire movie is a cheap knock-off.
Looney Toons: Snipped this:

  • Transmorphers (Look carefully at the spelling)
    • Although this one is odd — if you watch the trailer, it's actually a Terminator ripoff, cleverly disguised as a Transformers ripoff by replacing Skynet's machines with transforming robots from space.

because the Transmorphers trailer that I've seen, at least, is a deliberate gag video, not a serious effort to rip off a major motion picture.

Freezair For A Limited Time: I've seen the full "movie" on YouTube. It exists. And it's actually more of a Terminator ripoff than the title tells, but oh well.
Almafeta: The article mentions a "Brazilian Heroes." Where's the page for this?