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Working Title: Historical Knights Templar: From YKTTW

Satanic Hamster: So is somebody going to make pages for Knights Hospitaller and the Teutonic Knights?

Koveras: Just post it on the YKTTW and see what develops. ;)

Satanic Hamster: I do know that those two orders are still around, just a bit smaller than in earlier ages. I know the Teutonic Knights are pretty important to the history of Poland, Prussia, Germany, and the Baltic States.
The Original Some Guy: It's a shame to see a book as good as Foucalt's Pendulum followed up by The Da Vinci Code in the entries.

Koveras: You can move it down, if it makes you feel better. :D
das: Possibly worth noting that while they (arguably) started out as Knight Templar, they deviated quite far from that by all accounts as they got wealthier and more detached from actual fighting? For the record, I don't have anything against the name of that trope; it just might cause some confusion as to those guys.

Santander02 Now that The Hospitallers and the Teutonic Knights have their own pages it has become obvious that this page awfully short compared to them....

Tannhäuser: That, I think, is partly because the Templars' history was cut off short, unlike the Hospitallers' and the Teutonic Knights', and partly because the guy who wrote up those pages is a pompous, bloviating windbag. So... shorten those, or lengthen this? Both? Neither? (I do think a Tropes Associated With The Knights Templar section would be *cough* in order *groan* myself.)

  • Santander02: Order completed, and that pun makes me feel dirty, I tried to find a trope that relates to the Templars being the first and most powerful banking institution in Europe but I can't seem to find something that fits, Badass Banker peraps?

    • What about Mega Corp. - it's kind of what they were at that point.

Tannhäuser: Huge attaboy to Koveras for dividing the page up into folders.

Koveras: You are welcome. ^^