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Santander02 Nice job to whoever is working on these Knightly Orders articles, The only ones left would be The Knights of Santiago although since they only fought in Spain perhaps they aren't as famous as the others. Oh and since we're already rolling with the topic, perhaps an article about The Crusades would be a good idea?

Satanic Hamster: I second this. Those orders are important to the histories of Europe and the Middle East. I do notice that these order seem to have a certain rep in the Middle East.

Tannhäuser: Well, Santiago, Calatrava, Avis, and the other Iberian orders are fascinating, but I am not sure how much of an impact they have made on story-telling and popular culture. As important as the Hospitallers are, I had a dickens of a time coming up with examples even for them. And The Other Wiki lists thirty-four military orders in all!

I ABSOLUTELY AGREE that there ought to be a separate page for The Crusades (awww, look at that poor uncreated trope, blushing red for shame). But it is a huge subject. I could feel fairly comfortable doing the Third Crusade, but for the others...! Anybody else feel like taking a whack at it?

  • Santander02: Well we don't have to make a full historical essay, just a basic overview and works associated with them would be enough me thinks

Satanic Hamster: Ah those Hispanic orders. I believe they were a part of Reconquista. They influenced knight errant tales that Don Quixote mocked. In way, there they're one of those guys that inspired the Conquistadors that went to the Americas..

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: I strongly recommend a Knights Of Malta redirect if there isn't one already. That's likely the name most likely to be used in works written in English.

Tannhäuser: Props to Master Hand for a very nice bit of snark on the Overly Long Name of the Order.