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Dark Sasami: "Click here◊ to see an example."

That "kid" is awfully...grown-up looking. Anyone know what this is from?

Licky Lindsay: I seem to recall reading that Robert A. Heinlein was a fan of some work in this genre as a boy. Which means it is a lot older than any of the examples given.

Mary Leathert: I think that Digimon isn't actually an example of this trope. At least not the first two seasons, which are the most known. The kids do not have sole control over their digimon partners. Only thing they do is help the digimons evolve, but they are perfectly capable of fighting on their own, without any advise from the humans. The digis are more like bodyguards or something.

furbearingbrick: Replaced the image with one from the anime remake of Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot (sadly, the original series seems to have become a case of No Export for You) because this wiki needed more flying robot pharaohs.