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Wascally Wabbit: How is this distinct from Implacable Man?

Gentlemens Dame 883: I see someone's made a Trope Distinction request at the Canonical List of Subtle Trope Distinctions, and would like to ask that it be completed.

Johnny E: Seriously, the second sentence of the description practically says The Same as Implacable Man, But More! And contrast, from Implacable Man "Bullets? Shrug. Swords? Get real. Rocket launchers?! Barely slow him down, and that's if you're lucky." with "Bullets? Forget about it. Missiles? Yeah, right. Nuclear bombs? Might make him flinch. Don't expect the flames to stop him - And that's if you're lucky.", which can't be a coincidence. Finally, this page has zero inbound links.

Red Viking: Yeah, I agree they're the same thing. The Juggernaut is even one of the examples in the Implacable Man. I say we merge the two instead of delete to preserve some of the examples though.

The Undertaker(Pre-American Badass) used to be the wrestling equivalent of this trope. Although he could technically be beaten down to his back, he would invariably sit up over and over again, necessitating his opponents perform their signature finishers at least twice before they could pin him(and forget submissions, they don't work).

The difference between this and Implacable Man used to be that the implacableman would keep moving despite having what should be mortal injuries and never stop coming after you. The Juggernaut seemingly couldn't be hurt at all and was going somewhere you didn't want it to go.

That used to be the defining difference between the two but it looks like Juggernaut's been derailed. Much like Showy Invincible Hero(Losing isn't an option to my favorite character isn't a boring invincible hero!), Eagleland(How foreign works portray the United States to every work that includes a patriotic fervor involving the US), Wallbanger(A moment so bad you wanted to hit something to every part of the show I don't like), really a rewrite could save this trope but I say slash and burn!—Cider

Wascally Wabbit: If this isn't going to be cut I suggest a merge with Implacable Man and turning The Juggernaut into a redirect.