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Santander02: Here I've made an early draft of the thing, any additions (particularly examples) or corrections would be welcome
Tannhäuser: An excellent start, Santander. I have added a couple of examples, but I will try to think of some more popular ones to add as well.

  • Santander02 Uff, I've decided to expand this article a little bit, I was getting my info from wikipedia but it appears that the article about the crusades is undergoing an an edit war right now, some dubious claims are being discussed right now and the article is protected so I am weary about copying anything as it is from wikipedia, Tannhaeuser I know you have more experience with this subject so can if you (or anyone) can help out and fill the missing bits it would be great ;).

The Byzantines were not a vestigial empire during the first and second Crusades.