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Working Title: Chew Toy vs. Butt Monkey: From YKTTW

Meta Four: The above ykktw discussion was simply an effort to clarify the difference between this trope and the Butt-Monkey.

There seems to be two different examples for Al Bundy. Not sure which one of the two to remove.

Crowley: Someone removed all of the quotes for this article. I'm moving most of them to the Quotes wiki, but please keep the Waspinator quote on the main page; he is the partial Trope Namer.

Karen Ball on Green Wing a Chew Toy? I'd say she (and poor old Harriet Schulenburg) were more Woobies than Chew Toys (but maybe that's just me). The real Chew Toy on that show is obviously Dr. Alan Statham. Bad things happen to him all the time - and you cheer each and every time.