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Sunder the Gold: In regards to Optimus Prime, I felt it better to pull out this line and my responding edit, rather than let the item get too verbose.
  • Now if only he'd stop trying to kill himself, he'd be perfect.
    • As any Optimus has only ever died because of simple enthusiasm for his duty combined with tragic back luck, rather than just over-enthusiasm, this troper feels the occasional deaths of his various incarnations count more as straight-up heroic sacrifices than an actual lack of self-preservation.

Janitor: Pulled this out: Classic heroic character and for obvious reasons invokes the image of old-time superheroes, and often of The Messiah. Has now become synonymous with Super Hero. — because it makes no sense.

Ununnilium: How's that?

Gus: (Retracted. I missed the edit.)

J Random User: We ought to remove the Incredibles and Watchmen entries, which have to do with physical capes, not the personality discussed here.

Fast Eddie: Seconded. Pulled them over here.
  • The Incredibles includes a montage of superheroes undone by the cape they insisted on wearing — sucked into jet engines, snagged on rocket fins — subverting that particular item of "classic" superhero gear, and eventually making it a plot point.
  • In Watchmen, "Dollar Bill", a masked vigilante hired by a bank to protect their assets, is said to have been shot dead by burglars due to getting stuck when his cape was caught in a revolving door.

Could be fun to have a Cape Issues collection, though.

  • Sijo: The line about Captain America's Super Soldier experiment having had successful trials worries me; is it a reference to the "Truth" miniseries where Cap's origin was retconned to involve experiments on African Americans? That would not be correct as that series takes place AFTER Pearl Harbor's bombing, while Cap always has been presented as being created before that; Second, Steve Rogers has always been the *only* successful use of the serum, everyone else either had imperfect effects (more strength but less speed, for example) or side effects (such as heart conditions). Truth can still be canon, but not with the implications meant here.