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Seth:I knew this program was doing serious harm to society.

Red Shoe: Reportedly, Dutch teens arrested for various petty crimes have been demanding that they be read their rights, despite the fact that the Netherlands does not have a equivalent to the Miranda warning. This has been cited as an example of american cop shows screwing up how laypeople think the law works.

Kizor: Yep! I mentioned the exact same thing with Finnish teens in Reality Is Unrealistic. Is it a good place?

BT The P: Clearly, there just isn't enough home-grown crime in the Netherlands for kids to be exposed to. What's up with that, Dutch criminals? Get crackin'!

Morgan Wick: Alternately, there may be a gazillion home-grown criminals, but not enough home-grown crime shows.

Miss Hap: Sadly, I've seen this trope in action. I was on a jury in a murder case, and when the forensic person testified, she said there were no fingerprints on the knife, which wasn't surprising, as the knife was made of a kind of material that didn't pick up fingerprints well. Several people on the jury were convinced that this was proof the fingerprints had been wiped. I could have cried.

Morganite: A suspect in the 1-20-09 episode of The Mentalist mentioned this as the reason a jury wouldn't convict him.