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handshucker: I don't think Numbuh 4 is the big guy of Kids Next Door, being that he's the smallest of the main group. I'm certain that portly Numbuh 2 would flatten him in a brawl faster then you can say "That" three times.

Ununnilium: I've noticed another common subversion - the Cute Bruiser. A little girl with super-strength. Examples: Molly from Runaways, Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and some others that are on the tip of my brain.

Lale: Good point.

Ununnilium: Awesome.

Scrounge: Some big guys really don't fit neatly into the four subspecies. I'm thinking Gonard from Kappa Mikey here, whos' basicly a seven-foot-tall guy who never greally got past the mentality of a six-year-old child... He's not quiet enough to be the Gentle Giant, he's about as gruff as a golden retriever, and he doesn't really seem to be a Boisterous Bruiser either. He's basicly a giant version of The Ditz, but he definitely fills The Big Guy role. I'm tempted to add "oversized novelty Ditz to the subspecies list, but I haven't slept yet, so that might be stupid.

Deus Ex Biotica: "Subverted in The Order Of The Stick, as Roy is repeatedly recognized as being both The Big Guy and The Smart Guy, and yet never seems to get any respect." — that's not a subversion. Changed.

KJMackley: I see from past comments that a lot of people are mistaking a Genius Bruiser as a subversion of The Big Guy. I've been gradually overhauling the Five Man Band characters and trying to take out the stereotype and bring the pages to their basic role. For this page, The Big Guy is the muscle of the group, not just the big and stupid one. I added a class 5 to be a Genius Bruiser. We are working with things that are far removed from college textbooks, we can add and delete "classifications" as needed.

Count Dorku: Silly tropers. Everyone knows Wookiees go "hroooarrrrgh" rather than "raaaaaagh".

Nymphonomicon: Wouldn't Kintaros of Kamen Rider Den-O count as a Big Guy? His weapon is an axe, he has tank characteristics, he's an Osaka-ben Boisterous Bruiser and he's very bear-like.