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Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Not an example, or anything even resembling an example. (At least it wasn't listed as a Deconstruction.)

Narvi: Actually, it's technically an example. Justifying it would require going into spoilery territory though. And people would argue about the canonicity. But it is an example. I'll explain tomorrow, when I'm not going to sleep in five minutes.
BritBllt: Moving this bit over to discussion, rather than getting into Conversation in the Main Page...

  • Venus would be better for human habitation, since it's tectonically active (earthquakes release important gases into the atmosphere). If we could only get rid of that "melts-lead" atmosphere.

The problem with Venus is that its rotation is 243 days long. Even if we fixed the atmosphere, the daylight side would roast under a hundred days of sunlight, and the night side would freeze during the hundred days of night. I guess that might be barely habitable, but the climate would go from Sahara-hot to Antarctic-cold and back in the course of a year. Mars has the advantage of having a 24 hour (and 39 minutes) day so, with a thick enough atmosphere, it wouldn't heat up or cool down anymore than Earth already does anyway.