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Morgan Wick: Okay, now that this page actually exists, what distinguishes it from Retirony?

Lale: Like Retirony says, Retirony is not irony. Tempting Fate is, I guess.

SAMAS For one, Retirony was too lumped in the first place. It's supposed to be about someone or something cut down as they made their plans(see the article itself). It's a form of Tempting Fate.

Or better put: Retirony happens in spite of your words. Tempting Fate is because of them.

Morgan Wick: It's not so much that Retirony is a form of this, so much as they're both ways of invoking Finagle's Law. I now feel that there are tropes invoking Retirony that should be invoking this.

SAMAS Probably. I was also thinking of making this a category Trope, too, with stuff like Retirony and Rock Bottom part of it.

Is someone going to launch the YKTTW discussion (not Mister Six who seems to think just writing "From YKTTW" is enough)?

SAMASYou mean launch the discussion to here? Or to the Trash?

Morgan Wick: To here, of course. Discard is only if we determine a proposal matches an existing trope.

movie007: I still remember when the Retirony trope description was more like this, and there was even a companion Negative Retirony trope. It was probably due to a wrong portmanteau interpretation of the trope name - perhaps, "retrospective irony" instead of "retirement irony".
Lale: How is almost being killed right after saying, "Nothing ever happens here" not tempting fate?
Eric DVH: Personal anecdotes are only suitable for inclusion if they're unusual or funny enough, removed the following:
  • This editor, knowing about this trope, had a very wobbly Christmas tree. He went to incredible lengths to describe how unfortunate it would be for the Christmas tree to fall. About thirty seconds after he said this, it fell and he caught it. Barely.

Houdini "It could be raining" should have its own page, IMO...
Vree: Here's a list of a hundred of these phrases. Some we have, some we do not.