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Kizor: This index was founded after a (four-sentence) discussion on Ask The Tropers. The definition - media that results in harm - is dodgy, as by strict interpretation it'd require the listing of every single stupid stunt kids emulate and the addition of World War I recruiting posters as a particularly insiduous example. I wrote this with the idea that it's about tropes that cause harmful conceptions of physics and not harmful attitudes. It's fuzzy, but it may do. Want to argue? Please do.

Oh, and I'm shoehorning Kiss of Life in by authorial fiat. It may or may not count, but I detest it.

Does Groin Attack qualify? I've heard rumours that it angers attacking men instead of stopping them, yet women are told to use it. Concrete data would be nice. This is also my first index: must every article on the list feature this index on the bottom? What other things are there to do to integrate the index into this wiki? Thanks to Micah for doing some of them.

Kizor: Soft Water also looks like it'd count, but has it actually caused harm? Also, "Many SU Vs and four-wheel-drive pick-ups are sold using marketing that shows pictures of some pickup a top a mesa or some other place that would challenge a mountain goat. The sad truth is that the vehicle probably got there slung under a helicopter."